Saturday, March 9, 2013

Google Trends and Cuban Marxism

Everyone plays with gadgets Google Trends at some point during their days wandering aimlessly through the internet. I did, recently, and found some surprising bits. 

The most surprising one is that the highest search rates for "marxismo" (which is marxism in spanish, portuguese and italian) come from Cuba! 

Cuba searches for "marxismo" about 4 times as much from its next competitor, Bolivia, and 5 times as much as third place Venezuela and Mexico. If we consider that Trends measures search volume only, without weighing for population, the average Cuban searches for marxism 50 times as much as the average Mexican. 

We can also see that there are regular spikes in the search - probably due to the fact that its correlated to school assignments and people search less on vacation season. I can imagine cuban students googling for marxism in their schools right now. I wish this came up more in discussions of Cubans' relations to the internet in the mainstream press. 

Oh and Cuba also wins with "socialismo", searching for it twice as much as Venezuela and three times as much as Bolivia, and four times as much as Mozambique! I like that Mozambique shows up strongly in this one. Disappointed that Spain is barely showing up. 

Some interesting tidbits one can learn with a data mining gadget. Here it is for those interested.

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